June 20th Senate Meeting

Official Senate report can be found here. There were a couple pieces of information pertinent to Science students. Check the linked report for more info.


New courses offered by the Faculty of Science which will be available for the academic year 2018-2019! This will provide the Faculty with the flexibility to offer interdisciplinary science courses, including courses that do not fit within a single department. These will be available to students across faculties and might be used to satisfy a Science elective. **More info on these courses on the linked Senate report**

  • SCI1000- Topics in Science 1

  • SCI2000- Topics in Science 2

  • SCI3000- Topics in Science 3

  • SCI4000- Topics in Science 4


There are two changes to the admission requirements. These are both Senate Approved and will be effective this coming application cycle for the academic year 2019/2020.

  1. AGPA calculation change. Previously, the AGPA was initially calculated from undergrad grades submitted by the app deadline and this will be used towards the Selection of Applicants for Interview. Later on in the year, AGPA will be recalculated and this will be used towards the Selection of Applicants for Admission. This will not be the case anymore. Now, same AGPA will be used for i) Interview and ii) Admission Selection. (i.e. in determining selection for admission, AGPA at the time of application will not be altered by grades achieved after the app deadline)

  2. Inclusion of CASPer to the admission criteria. More information on CASPer can be found here. One thing to note is that while all applicants are required to take this test, the CASPer results will not be used in the selection of registrants from the Canadian Indigenous applicant pool.


  1. BIOL 2410 (Human Physiology I) & BIOL 2420 (Human Physiology II) will now be accepted as a pre-req in lieu of BIOL 1410 (Physiology of the Human Body). If taken, both BIOL 2410 and 2420 grades will be included in the AGPA calculation.

  2. MBIO 3010 (Mechanisms of Microbial Diseases) will now be accepted as a pre-req in lieu of MBIO 1220 (Essentials of Microbiology) requirement.

  3. Changes related to Math and Written course requirements