Science Students’ Association Tutoring Program

The SSA Tutoring Program aims to match students needing help with course material with student tutors who can provide help. The tutoring program is on a first-come first-serve basis: tutees will be matched to tutors according to the time of their registration. As such, if you require a tutor then please sign-up early to have the best chance of being matched.

Tutors for the SSA program are eligible for co-curricular record (CCR) hours as long as they meet a minimum of 10 hours by the end of the year. The CCR hours will be submitted in April. The CCR record will appear on your transcript for future employers/universities to see.

Starting this year, we are also introducing an INCENTIVE PROGRAM for Tutors! Once you achieve the 10-hour milestone, you will receive a $10 Tim Horton’s gift card. One you reach the 20-hours milestone, you will receive another $20 gift card, a $30 gift card for the 30-hours milestone, and $40 dollar gift card for the 40-hours milestone.

Thus, upon the completion of 40 hours, you will receive at total of $100!

At the end of each semester, we also provide three scholarships of $250 dollars each to our top 3 tutors. We will take into account tutee feedback and number of hours completed to determine the winers.

Tutors: you will need to go to the Faculty of Science office to get verification that you achieved at least an A in the courses you are tutoring. You can pick up a form from the SSA Office.

Tutees: You only need to complete the online form. Please list your courses in order of priority.

To register for the program, complete the Google Form application found at the links below (updated January 2018):

Become a Tutor

Become a Tutee (get a tutor)

CODE OF CONDUCT For Tutors and Tutees




The University of Manitoba Science Students’ Association objective is to encourage and actively advocate for the interests of the Science student body of the University of Manitoba. The tutoring program was established to ensure all students had access to resource assistance in their studies for the completion of their degree.


The code of conduct is organized into categories, as follows:

1.      Always act with academic honesty, integrity, open to growth and no preferential treatment.

2.      Respect the opinions of others and treat all with equality and dignity without regard to gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, and up to bu not limited from the listed previously.

3.      Promote the mission and objective of the SSA tutoring program in all dealings with the public on behalf of the program and with the Science Students’ Association.

4.      Provide a positive and meaningful experience for those receiving or providing tutoring.



As tutors and tutee you have adhere to the rules et by the University of Manitoba regarding academic integrity. When tutoring a student, keep in mind that the following activities can be construed as plagiarism or Academic Dishonesty

·         Completing problems on an assignment that is to be handed in to an instructor

·         Participating and completing assignments given by a professor or a student

·         Providing lab notes or similar work by the tutor who had completed the course.

As a tutor you are required to offer assistance when a student does not understand the material. You may use old sampled exams or questions, change the variables in assigned questions, or review old materials.

The science students’ association shall enforce the guidelines set by the university and will not be held responsible for any errors held by the tutor and tutees. In the case of a breach of ethics, the tutor/tutee will both lose all tutoring privileges for the remainder of the year. Documentation will be made of the breach and it will be up to next year’s academic science students association if the student may return to the program.



Student information will be kept strictly confidential at all times, EXCEPT in cases of (a) the student had made the decision to exchange personal information wit their tutor/tutee or (b) there is a threat posed upon the students and other individuals. Neither tutor/tutees will release any information to the general public or third parties outside the SSA or the Faculty of Science. The University of Manitoba’s SSA will only share the student’s name and email once the tutor and tutee are appropriately paired. Breach of the confidentiality agreement will result in loss of all tutoring privileges for the remainder of the year



The University of Manitoba’s SSA will not condone any form of violence or bullying (physical, sexual, emotional, etc..) If a tutor or tutee makes a complaint all communications will cease between students and the complaint will be further looked into. If there is reason to believe there is evidence of violence or bullying, proper authorities will be contacted and handled through them. Any behavior of the kind by the student will not be tolerated. They will be removed from the tutoring program indefinitely. An Appear can be made to the President of SSA and a hearing will be set for the student. The President, Vice-President, Director of Academics, Academics Programmers, Tutor/tutees, and relevant witnesses will be present during this hearing. Please be advised the University of Manitoba SSA cannot be held liable if such events occur.



Please see Section III. Behaviors of any kind exhibited by the tutor/tutee that is deemed unacceptable will result in removal from the tutoring program. The tutor and tutee will be inclusive to all genders, sexual orientations, race, ethnicities, religions, ages, etc…


Have any questions? Email or visit the SSA office in the Science Lounge.