October 3rd Senate meeting

The minutes for the first Senate meeting of the school year can be found here. There were a couple Science-related issues relevant to Science students, interesting academic matters and University news relevant to all students.


One of our main goals for hosting LabTREK this year was to encourage students to explore undergrad student research opportunities. We would like to follow up on this initiative and bring everyones attention to the Undergrad Student Research Awards (USRAs):

  • This website contains more info on Undergrad Research Opportunities.

  • Please note of the recent revision of the departmental deadline for the NSERC, NSERC Aboriginal, and Faculty of Science Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRAs). This single departmental deadline applies to ALL departments. The USRAs are now due on January 10, 2019. This will allow students to be able to include their fall 2018 grades in the cumulative GPA they report on the application form.  Nevertheless, Dr. Brian Mark (Acting Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Science) strongly recommends that students start preparing their applications well in advance of the holiday break.

  • Lastly, please note that the URA is an entirely separate stream which has a different due date from the USRAs.