SSA Minutes Summary: November 6th, 2017

Science Students Association Council Meeting Summary: November. 6th 2017

November. 6th/17 Official SSA Minutes:

In summary of the SSA council meeting, and in regards to the executive, and president (vice) report, there was much discussion regarding funding requests and how much money SSA would be granting. We also discussed budget and what money will be allocated to which events; decided that hosting the annual Science Gala at the convention center would be too expensive, therefore we will be hosting the gala at the MET once again. SSA also discussed the idea of a donation hamper for the holiday season, and decided to try and fill three large hampers from UMSU, alomg with a fourth hamper in collaboration with Chris Moskal, a former SSA member who is doing research in Churchill and was wanting SSA to fill up a hamper for “Christmas with Churchill”. We will be putting up posters and using the lounge as a donation center for food and toys.

In regards to the By-Laws report; we are officially adding changes/amendments to the by-laws regarding elections, along with the treasurer “job description”.

The indigenous report included the breakdown of the ‘Science Students Endowment Fund Committees’’ funding requests, along with discussion of the upcoming rooster town fundraiser, and career development week.

Special events discusses the upcoming movie night, along with the gingerbread house making competition in December.

A few new academic changes were discussed in the senate regarding department name changes, international pre-requisite adjustments, the new academic schedule for 2018/2019, modifications of adding or dropping classes, and lastly, Bill 31.