Do you Ever find yourself heading out to a lab and realize you forgot your Lab coat or goggles for Chemistry? Or you forgot you dissection kits for Biology? Or your wax pencil and sharpie for Microbiology?

Worry no more! We provide a Rental Service at the SSA office FOR FREE!

We provide:

·         Lab Coats

·         Goggles

·         Sharpies

·          Wax pencils (China Pencils)

·         Dissection kits

·         Calculators

To rent any of these for a 24 hours period, just drop by the SSA office in the Science Lounge and ask for the item(s) you require. You can re-rent the item you require if you still need it. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm; you can drop by anytime during this period!

You will need to provide your student number, phone number, name, and UMemail to sign-out the item.

Failure to return the item(s) you rented constitutes theft and will result in loss of all rentals privileges. Please be respectful of the rented item as other students also use them.

Have any questions? Email or drop by the SSA office in the Science Lounge!