SSA Minutes Summary: November 20th, 2017

Science Students Association Council Meeting Summary: November. 20th 2017

November. 20th/17 Official SSA Minutes:

In summary of the SSA council meeting, and in regards to the executive and treasurer report, SSA discussed budgets and revisions pertaining to such budgets. As a council, we also discussed possible ways to promote the ski trip, and approvals of funding requests.

The president (vice) report included multiple reimbursements for office supplies, and event supplies, along with further discussion the town hall meeting. The faculty of science is also introducing a new program: medical and pathophysiological to biology graduates and is requesting SSA’s support. This is a one year post-bac program for a diploma, that will boost applications. SSA decides to will support it.

The academics report included discussion of the test night they are hosting in which the winners could receive up to $100.00. Along with this, academics discussed and reminded council of “Student Night against Procrastination” where council members will be helping out.

Special events discussed ideas for the gingerbread house contest. The report includes further details of planning and ideas that will occur on the event day-December 1st 2017.

The LGBQTT representative, Eric Vasas discusses trans-remembrance week along with AIDS awareness week. Events pertaining to these occasions will be going on all week.