Science Gala

SSA Minutes Summary: October 23rd, 2017

Science Students Association Council Meeting Summary: October 23rd 2017

October 23rd/17 Official SSA Minutes:

In summary of the SSA council meeting, there was much discussion regarding the special events committee and the upcoming Science Gala in April. Location of the Gala was the main topic as special events proposes the convention center as the new location rather than the Met. Pricing, itinerary, sponsors, the DJ, and miscellaneous items were outlined and considered. Council reaches agreement and will be holding the 2018 Science Gala at the RBC Convention Center.


The President/Vice report included discussion of Bill 31. Attending meeting regarding Bill 31. Decide to ask UMSU questions pertaining to the availability of resources available for informing students of Bill 31. SSA council members pose the question,

“Do we want a formal stance or just get the word out there?”.

Discuss the idea of an informal statement opposing Bill 31. Voting favors that SSA will make a stance.

The senate discusses student opinion on the Steve Curvy sexual harassment allegations. An official statement was given from the board. They want student input and have every intention of strengthening sexual assault policies. The board is looking at reworking policies, and could potentially go above the political province policies.