SSA Minutes Summary: September 18th, 2017

September. 18th Official SSA Minutes:

Science Students Association Council Meeting Summary: September.18th 2017

            In summary of the SSA council meeting, the vice/president report included feedback of the science orientation along with the lab trek event was discussed. We had lots of positives remarks, however as a council we discussed possible improvements to be made for next year.

            The treasurer report by Behnam Bezaei included discussion of the many meetings he had attended throughout the month of September. Meetings with the faculty discussing reimbursement and budgets along with the UMSU financial advisor who touched on the “Dos and Don’ts) of budget spending.

            The social committee discusses possible names for the October.13th midterm social.

            The UMSU report included a strategic planning presentation, updates on IQ’s renovations, and the details of Frosh. The academic report by Nada Eltbgy included discussion of the tutoring program; how tutors and tutees go about signing up, along with the new compensation program. Nada also touched on the rental program we as SSA offer. We rent out sharpies, lab goggles, lab coats, dissection kits, calculators, and wax pencils.

New business discussed during the meeting was most relevant as Laura Chan reports that three voting positions on SSA are still open, and according to the by-laws, must be filled. The positions are LGBQTT Rep, Women’s Rep, and Accessibility Rep. As a council we discussed the idea of a bi election which occurs online, there is no minimum vote to win, and we would pay someone to come and put it on for us, while the second option would be a general assembly which would be cheap, would happen in one day, and would be less formal but. The SSA council votes for a general assembly and a tentative election date was set within 10 days of the meeting (September.18th/17).

SSA Minutes Summary: September 4th, 2017

September 4th Official SSA Minutes:

Science Students Association Council Meeting Summary: September.4th 2017

In summary of the SSA council meeting, a position on the bylaws committee opened up due to Yaweh Villanueva stepping down, therefore, a new council member must fill the position. Behnam Beizai self nominates himself, along with Nada Eltobgy, with Behnam winning council vote an becoming the new member of the bylaws committee.

The position of director of communications has also been filled by Bailey Groot.

            As a council we discussed further lounge and furniture updates for the new Parker study space, and the program modifications, additions, and subtractions of 1000-4000 science courses.

            Student services discusses the idea of giving away lockers to first years through a raffle or contest. The indigenous report included the reconciliACTION meeting, which focused on ways to work the indigenous culture into education at the University of Manitoba. Jordan Beck (Indigenous Rep) reports that Councillors day is now cancelled, as science was not the focus, and that the leftover funds ($26,000 for science based initiatives), will be put towards the presentation of the Fireside Group.

            The treasurer report included details in regards to the budget for orientation; SSA along with the faculty of science share the expenses. Behnam Beizaei (treasurer) outlines council budget for the year, and discusses the new online portal link in which councillors or those in need of reimbursement from SSA. The link allows for the explanation of the expense along with pictures of the hard-copy receipts.