SSA Minutes Summary: July 3rd, 2017

June 3rd SSA Official Minutes:

Science Students Association Council Meeting Summary: July.3rd 2017

            In summary of our council meeting, the executive committee briefed SSA on the new funding request form, updates from the meeting with the dean including details about our science orientation day, officially taking place on September 6th 2017. The executives also touched down on the reworking of our budget based on what money is needed for each of the different SSA groups, along with the need for online forms of reimbursement for executive spending (similar to the online funding request forms). Next we discussed sponsorships, finalizing our agreement with Prep101 and adding a sponsorship agreement with Fun Mountain where councilors and science students get discounts at their water park in exchange for advertising online and around the faculty. SSA also approved the funding requests from Laura Eliuk, Ian Thompson, Rebecca van Ginkel, Patricia Ordonez and Mark Unger by giving 300$ to each of them in support of their cause. Lastly, executive touched on Jordan Beck’s appearance in the bio 1020 lectures as a way to advertise for SSA.

            The president/vice president report included discussion of Ryan Churchill’s presence at the college of dentistry final selections meeting where he motioned to propose the idea that when selecting dentistry applicants, the board should take into account CCR credit/university involvement rather than GPA alone. We further discussed the rearrangement of lounge furniture, and the establishment of a study space in the halls to replace the loss of study space in Machray due to the expanding of the dean’s office. Discussion around the panel discussion for orientation day was also productive in that we decided on the number of SSA members to be answering questions on each panel, along with possible questions to prompt the panel along. Megan Skakum won our Instagram photo contest; “What does summer look like for a science student?”, as she had an interesting observership with an anesthesiologist. As a council we are also looking to partner with “Safe-walk” by promoting their cause through a brochure or advertisement around the faculty. Library hours have officially been extended to 1:00am Sunday through Thursday, and have become 24 hour during exam periods. SSA has also decided to add another position to the council; communications programmer. This spot has already been allotted and we look forward to having another helping hand to assist the director of communications.

            The treasurer report included discussion of the possibility of a POS system. This system could be beneficial for transactions and SSA expenditures however it is pricey as it includes a partnership with a bank. SSA is looking into other options such as ‘Square Reader’ or ‘Mineras’.

The indigenous report included discussion of planning an advisory day where SSA would recruit indigenous students into school/academics within the faculty of science by using speakers from the world of medicine/science research.

The special events committee has many activities planned throughout the year from pie eating contests in October, to socials, coffee houses, and the annual science gala in April.

UMSU representatives explain that there will be a student fair during orientation week where SSA will set up a booth, explaining our part in the faculty of science and recruiting science students. There was also talk of cutting ties with CFS, as the only benefit UMSU feels we are getting from CSF is the supposed advocacy they hold for us in government, however we have UMSU to represent our University. CFS claims that there is power in numbers, and that their representation in government along with UMSU representation would be the best situation; that is their argument, however, if all schools had this issue, each University could use their own ‘UMSU’ as representatives and then the numbers problem wouldn’t exist. CFS say they unify us, but we can unify ourselves.

The senate reports upcoming changes to the fall reading week, along with changes to the VW date and the lengthening of Christmas break (starting 2018-2019). There are also a few suspensions and modifications to the BSc honor program and the M.Sc. course requirements, the miter and fiter which only affect med students, and lastly the dGPA and cut-offs of retaken courses in Asper. The pharmacy program has also outlined a few changes that will be coming; consideration of applicants will now include the need for essential skills and abilities including 1) observation and perception; 2) sensory and motor competencies; 3) conceptualization, integration and quantitative evaluation; 4) communication; 5) ethical, interpersonal, and professional skills; and (6) stamina. The final nominations of the senate committee also went through with Mira Villegas and Carly Mastromonaco officially holding responsibility for curriculars and course changes, and appeals respectively. Abrar Latif has applied to hold senate for academic dress [lmao]

Where new business is concerned, SSA selected the official Bylaws committee who will periodically advise and amend the bylaws to benefit the students and to help/guide the SSA committee. The members include, Laura Chan, Tomi Adeleye-olusae, Ridimmah Thomas, Yaweh Villanueva, and Christine Vaccaro. Shady Rizk adds his meeting with the dean under new business which included discussion of a research program that would be formatted as open house; anyone interested can join and take part. This would help provide clarity and insight to those interested in research and will allow the professors and different programs to reach out to incoming students in a very relaxed and simple setting. Dates and official sign ups are tentative, however finalization and further discussion to come next meeting.