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February 1

The minutes of the February 1st senate meeting (full minutes here)


President Barnard expressed condolences, on behalf of the University community, to the family and friends of those who were killed in a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, Quebec, on January 29th. He said people’s hearts and minds were also with those who were injured and with colleagues at the Université Laval who were directly affected by the death of a faculty member. The University community stands together to denounce the senseless act of violence.

Modifications to the Prerequisites for Admission to Max Rady College of Medicine

Changes were made to diversify the applicant pool and the medicine class, in order to ensure that the program reflects and serves the Province's diverse population. These are the main points brought up and moved. It will be noted if the senate approved- Note these are for the FALL 2018 INTAKE

  1. Proposing elimination of the 6 credit hours of biochemistry and the 18 credit hours of social sciences, as the MCAT 2015 tests these things already. Senate approved.
  2. Request grades from courses completed at least five years prior to admission, as part of another program of study, be eliminated for the calculation of the Adjusted Grade Point Average. Essentially, if you don't do that well in your studies from 2014-2018, you take a break, you straighten up and fix your study habits, and you do another program of study from 2020-2024, your 2014-2018 studies, by your request, can be dropped in the calculation of the adjusted gpa. Senate approved.
  3. Proportion of spaces in the M.D. program reserved for Manitoba residents to 95 percent, and with that allow residents of Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and the Yukon (I like to refer to these provinces as North Canada or Eastern America as it is East of Alaska) to be considered Manitoba residents. Senate approved.