May 17

Full Meeting Minutes:

Nothing too extravagant this meeting, but the one main piece of information pertinent to science is the change to the Pharmacy program of Rady College. Up till now, Pharmacy was a Bachelors Degree, now it is changing to a PharmD program to fit in with the rest of universities that have done similarly. 

The Changes put in place were discussed in senate:  

• Prerequisite credit hours before admission will increase to 60 credit hours (minimum 2 years) from 30 credit hours in the B.Sc. (Pharmacy) program.

• The Pharm.D. program at the College of Pharmacy will be 4 years, consisting of 144 credit hours of a new and enhanced curriculum.

• The new curriculum will expand the breadth and depth in clinical and advanced therapeutics, scientific literature evaluation, pharmacogenetics, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, skills laboratories, simulation training, and indigenous health.

• Experiential learning components of the program will increase to 1600 hours (40 weeks) from 640 hours in the B.Sc. (Pharmacy) program. Fourth-year students will spend their final year of the program in various experiential rotations as “Pharmacy Interns”.

• Interprofessional learning and service learning components will be added to the program, and this will be coordinated with other Colleges in the RFHS.

• The new Pharm.D. program proposed by the College of Pharmacy will meet the CCAPP accreditation standards for Pharmacy education.