SSA Minutes Summary: January 23rd, 2018

Official SSA Meeting Minutes January 23rd 2018:


In summary of the SSA meeting, we discussed increasing communication with the deans and heads of departments, council activities, and the Parker 109 update. We also discussed mental health awareness week, scholarship money approval, and the upcoming March 2nd Throwback social. Special events touched down on specifics of the April Gala, and councillors provided much input. 



SSA Minutes Summary: January 11th, 2018

Science Students Association Council Meeting Summary: January 8th 2018

January 8th 2018 SSA Official Minutes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FIdfojtYSu3_Rf9mkYclXxBrCsFqMGdQzA4NJ3V3hz0/edit?usp=sharing

In summary of the first council meeting of 2018, our vice president, Laura Chan, along with Behnam Bezaei addressed the official council budget. Laura Chan also briefed council of the funding requests received by the executive committee where council discussed and approved specific amounts for the specific groups and people. 

As a council, we also discussed updates from the senate along with from the UMSU meeting in December. The special events team briefed council on the upcoming social (March 2nd/2018), while Jordan Beck, Director of indigenous communications, briefed us on his upcoming event "Indigenous Celebration in Science". 

SSA Minutes Summary: October 2nd, 2017

Science Students Association Council Meeting Summary: October 2nd 2017

SSA Official Minutes for October.2nd/17: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WDTETPUk4InH5W9ZkIkQIoeuVncIZ_3IAFqRNibxePM/edit?usp=sharing

            In summary of the SSA council meeting, there was much discussion regarding the special events committee and the upcoming Science social, “Hiatus”. Logistics were discussed including the drink specials, door prizes, ticket sales, food, and the DJ, Kevin.

            There was also lots of discussion regarding the possible changing of our by-laws where the bi-election and general assembly are concerned. Discussed the idea of community representatives running independently or on a slate.

            Approved many of the ski trip expenses and discussed the registration opening date.